Sports Blogs we love


The original and the best general sports blog out there (insert laughing emoji). The Sporting blog is a place for Interviews, Opinions, Stories & Reviews on a vast array of sports. With weekly columns on horse racing and training, The Sporting Blog is as diverse as they come. From Curling to Elephant polo, from Football to Cricket, you'll find it on The Sporting Blog.


Sportsister is a women's sport magazine, featuring interviews, news, events, training, nutrition and so much more. There are not many sports blogs like this around!

The site also features kit and travel reviews and gives a perspective on womens sport that you won't find anywhere else on the web. Check it out


Bat Flips & Nerds is a unique take on baseball from a British perspective. It is not however a cliche filled comparison to football style sports blog. These guys really know their stuff and the passion is there for all to see. Embrace your inner Jose Bautista and get flipping. 


London Cyclist is not just a commentary on riding around the UK's Capital on a bike. With reviews on equipment and bikes, as well as tips and trick, this blog has turned into an all encompassing reference point for those into cycling. They also feature stories of cycling abroad and on popular routes outside of London... on yer bike and take a look! 


Lob & Smash is not only well written and presented, it is razor sharp up to date with well balanced opinions and predictions. As part of the SI 'Fansided' group it is well resourced compared to our other selections, but if you are a tennis fan there are not many better places to look in terms of finding a more detailed blog. 


If you love Golf, you'll love Mark Crossfield's blog. Course reviews, equipment reviews, videos and feature articles. AskGolfGuru is one of the best out there. Check out the YouTube channel as well! Regularly updated with quality content, as sports blogs go, this is right up there. Keep up the good work Mark!


If you are looking for adventure... look no further! The Adventure Junkies is a site dedicated to getting you up and outdoors in style. A beautifully laid out site, they focus on hiking, diving, climbing, snow based activities and a whole lot more. With in depth clothing and equipment reviews, this is a true resource. There are also good introductions to how to get into outdoor sports safely, and with confidence. This is a top pick from The Sporting Blog! is truly an amazing resource for sports team logos, strips and other information, all under one roof! It's truly astonishing how much information is on here! We stumbled across this one looking for just such a site. Chris really delivers, especially if you are in to U.S sports such as Baseball, American Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey.


OK so we really really like this one. Cricket with balls is funny, witty and well presented. Their infographic presentation style is also wonderfully refreshing. It is not however for the overly sensitive! If you are going to get upset that your favourite player (thinking all Virat Kohli worshippers here) takes a bit of stick (or bat) then perhaps look elsewhere. Oh and realise it is just a game! Great blog for all cricket fans though. Highly recommended. 


For all of you that like to get into the serious detail regarding sport science, this is the blog for you. Some really fascinating articles and one or two popular myths get dispelled. We came across this whilst looking for unique blogs that deliver something outside of the norm. Definitely take a look if you are looking for the next level of detail regarding performance, whether physical or mental, in sport.   


One of the more unusual blogs we have come across in terms of the variety of content. There are excellent, in-depth interviews with sportsmen and women who are certainly on the more extreme side of the sporting spectrum. Think Paragliding, Ultra running and so on. There are also some very handy illustrations of sporting 'arenas'! Well worth a look, genuinely interesting stuff.


I Run Like a Girl is a smart, clean and well designed blog that provides a happy and uplifting take on running, diet, exercise and mental health. Karen also has some wonderful photography, and a serious collection of leggings! If you are looking for interesting recipes and positive, inspiring stories this is the place for you!